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Fun and Easy Projects For Kids

If you have trouble getting your kids to settle down before it’s time to turn in for the night, you may be able to get a little bit of peace and quiet by providing them with a project that will get their mind off of being wild and crazy. Projects and activities are great ways to get kids to focus and get an unruly child to settle down and concentrate on something. Strategically placing these projects or activities around the time that you’d like kids to start winding down for the evening is a great way to ease the tension of bedtime and get kids to settle down.

At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is drag out toys that you’ll just have to put away in a half an hour or so anyways. Instead of letting kids occupy themselves with a puzzle or toys with lots of small pieces – turn towards something that will hold their attention and won’t be a headache to clean up once bedtime rolls around. When it’s getting later in the day, chances are any friends who have come over for a visit have made their way home, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your children. Although they seem simple, some easy to set up, easy to learn games you can play with a piece of paper and two pens are great ways to get kids to concentrate on something without it being an overwhelming or messy project. By taking a seat at the dining room table or even on the floor at the coffee table with your child, you can create a nice, warm setting that will help kids relax while spending time their parent. One great game that won’t be too stressful for kids to play is a dot connecting game that takes two players.

To set it up, grab an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper and fold it in half. Draw small dots (about the size of the dots on a “connect the dots” game) all over the paper, equally spaced apart about ½ an inch from one another. The game is played when players take turns connecting two of the dots either vertically or horizontally. One a player has created a square with 4 lines, they place their initials inside the closed off square and take an extra turn for completing the shape. Once all of the available squares have been sealed off, take a tally of initials and see who completed the most squares during the course of the game. Whoever has the higher tally is the winner. Having two different colored pens will obviously make this game much easier, and you can even play with markers if you don’t think it will get too messy (after bath time, you might want to stick to pens to play it safe!).

Playing games like these with kids in the evening is a great way to get kids to sit down and talk about their day while engaging in a fun activity with their parent. To your advantage, you won’t have to worry about having a battle with kids about cleaning up after the activity, and since it’s not a physical game – kids should be in the zone to wind down for the day and head off to bed. It’s also something that you could easily turn into a weekly ritual, giving kids something to look forward to as the day comes to a close. Doing simple and fun activities with kids is something that more parents should take advantage of. Instead of spending excess money on toys kids won’t even be interested in in a few years, think of fun and creative ways to enjoy an evening with your children.

Board Games for Girls 8-10

There are many good games suitable for Boys. But, for girls, great games are more difficult to find. Most are excessively simple, linear games based on expensive license agreements. The idea of games determined by gender can be debated. For the sake of stimulating the mind, here are our award-winning suggestions. (Boys can also benefit from these games as well).

Quick Summary of Development and Skills
Understanding the 8-10 year old girl is not a simple task. There is a continuum of development rather than a set level for every child. We reviewed PBS Parents, Today’s Parent Magazine, and Kids Growth Organization. All with slightly different opinions.

The 8-10 year old girl usually prefers to play with the same gender. Some are not quite ready for complex rules, and crib notes. At 8 years old, some can but many are not ready to solve abstract logic problems.

8-10 year old girls do understand rules. They should have already developed a base of reading skills, and continue to expand their vocabulary. Teen culture and friends are very important, and they love to collect things.

By 8 years old, girls are usually ready to solve problems independently.

Gift Trap
A game of giving and receiving. A fantasy gifting game kids love to play. This game is very social and lots of fun.
Players: 3-10
Duration: 20 minutes

Rukshuk is based on re-creating actual rock formations, or Rukshuks. It is purely sensory, focusing more on fine motors skills and problem solving. It’s great fun to play.
Players: 1-5
Duration: 10-30 minutes

Wits and Wagers Family
An excellent game for compound learning. Reading and scoring along with decision-making all in one game. The best part is that if you are not the winner, you can still get points. A game of social interaction with math and decision-making hidden in there is a bonus.
Players: 3-10
Duration: 20 minutes

An award-winning game from France which is all about the story. All girls love a great story, especially if you can take it wherever you wish.
Players: 3-6
Duration: 30 minutes

Choosing the Best Car Games for Kids

Kids are the greatest assets in our lives. However, with poor treatment or method of bringing them up, they can quickly become something that we never expected. The way they spend their time should be monitored and the best way to do this is by getting the best car games for them. This will help them pass their time constructively for the betterment of their future. However, a few considerations ought to be made to get the best game.

The first thing that one has to look at is the game’s complexity. The ICT world is growing and applications that are more comprehensive are being introduced. As a result, the controls are more complex. It is imperative that one gets an application that can be handled by the kid without any assistance.

One has to consider the graphics of the game. Kids have different tastes when it comes to games. As a result, different designs have been incorporated by different developers to help meet the needs of the players. It is imperative that one gets a game with appealing graphics, which are engaging and not unfavorable for the kids. This will ensure maximum enjoyment without a negative influence to their behaviors.

The car games are supposed to be of good quality in every aspect. The realism brought about by the graphics and sound effects used in the application development is what determines how intriguing the game will be. The best ones should have high quality sound output as well as great graphics that run smoothly. This will help avoid frustrations brought about by freezing or poor sound quality. Make the best decision for the enjoyment of your kids.