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Schools Out For Summer! How to Beat Boredom With Kids PC Games

The summer holidays present parents with an annual problem – how to keep children entertained without spending a small fortune, particularly when it’s raining outside.

Internet games for kids are a great and innovative option and with fantastic new technology, games kids can play online are much improved. Kids PC Games are often free to use and offer elements of educational-play, providing children and their parents with a fun way in which to learn and play together.

The best approach to kids PC games is for parents to play together with their children rather than leaving the child alone and deciding on how much time should be spent in front of the computer (many parenting websites list the recommended set amount of hours that children should spend online).

From adventure games and flash games, to learning and pre-school games, the choice of games that kids can play online is huge and it’s growing on a regular basis. The best kids games available online are great at introducing children to new media in a safe, educational and fun environment, and encourage the continued development of a child’s key skills set during their break from school.

Nowadays, parents can easily find online learning games that will not only entertain their children, but that will also help to develop a variety of skills that will prove beneficial as they grow up. While many kids PC games start online, they can very often be taken off-line and outside into the real world. During the Summer holidays when the weather is good, online games can help inspire children and also their parents to approach more traditional types of play differently, perhaps in a more creative way, relating back to what they’ve learnt online. Internet games for kids don’t necessarily mean sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, instead they offer original learning solutions, as well as complimenting in-door and outdoor activities with new and exciting ideas.

Adventure games are very popular amongst children and can be brilliant imagination and creativity boosters for bored children stuck inside on a rainy day. If you’re looking for more practical fun there are learning games which aim to develop maths, language and memory skills.

There are also sites dedicated to preschool games which provide young children with clear educational benefits – parents can see improved recognition of numbers, letters and colours. With online games learning can be fun and exciting. As a result they can help keep a child’s attention span from waning so children can play learning games without even realising!

The Most Popular Games Among Children

Most of us want to relax after a stressful day at work. Games are the best way to entertain and de-stress us which is why games like the SpongeBob online game is famous and very addictive to play.

Most SpongeBob games are named Pyramid Peril, Diner Dash, and Trail of the Snail. And all of which are loved by children and adults alike. Not only do they provide entertainment but quality time with the kids as well.

Most of these are rated as one of the most popular games among children including Diner Dash. Not only are these games popular among kids but they are also popular among adults.

Older games that most adults have played during their childhood are only introduced in the games. Games such as SpongeBob Bowling and Shuffleboard are introduced online.

The difficulty of it depends on the type of game you choose and the level of difficulty you want. The more advanced you go from stage to stage the more difficult it gets. Or you can even toggle the level of difficulty from the main menu if you find it very hard to play the game.

People from different ages can enjoy SpongeBob online games. The games are very different and can vary from class to class. They are of absolute high quality than other games as well.

Everyone is going to enjoy the game. Kids or adults can give themselves time to forget about the problems and stresses in life and genuinely enjoy playing games on their computer. You can spend countless hours on a weekend with just playing one game. It is enough for you to rest and just enjoy being a kid or being a kid at heart.

These games are also a good time for you to gather your family together and enjoy playing games with them. Bonding with your children by playing these online games is a good example of quality time with your family.

What Do Kids Want for Christmas This Year?

Kids come in all shapes sizes and mindsets. So it’s impossible to write one article that tells you what toys kids want for Christmas this year. But, since I have been tracking the most wished ‘wishlists’ on Amazon I can venture to share with you 5 great toys that you will not go wrong with. Especially if you are gifting children other than your own (and operating on a approx 30 dollar budget).

Just a sidenote, if you are gifting your own kids and you are not sure you know what they want, ask them. Communicate. Merry Christmas!

Coming back to three great games kids want for Christmas in 2010, here are my selections…

First is the Hedbanz game. It’s a quick-question game of ‘What Am I?’ Fast, easy and fun for the whole family, this gem really develops the deductive reasoning skills of 6 year olds and up. Great for sleepovers and school parties also. The only negative aspect is that there are only 72 cards to pick from making the choices finite.

The Loopz game, for 1 to 4 players, is the next great idea. Loopz includes 7 different games that can be played solo or as a head-to-head competition. It presents a mixture of skill and action as the “loops” flash with ever-quickening patterns of light and music which players must mimic. The idea is to stay alert… because if you miss three times you’re out!

The Mindflex game from Mattel moves one level higher in mind development. It combines advanced technology with the power of thought as players compete in the ultimate mental marathon through various obstacles that can be repositioned into many different configurations. This game competed for the 10th Annual Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards and has been widely acclaimed for all kids including autistics.

The Scientific Explorer’s Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists is exactly what the name suggests it is. Tons of positive reviews about this kit confirm that it is great for involving the family with experiments that intrigue all ages. The winner of Parents’ Choice Approved Award and Dr.Toy ‘One of the 10 Best Educational Products Award’, this kit contains a variety of experiments and instruction guide with scientific explanation. There heaps of learning and fun here.

Finally, the Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith is the season’s big hit! It helps you change your voice with 10 different voice modifiers and kids just can’t stop playing with it. Get the most fun voice effects with a huge range of side-lever combinations!

So now that you know what kids want for Christmas, let’s get to work!