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Diet and Fitness Tips for Lasting Weight Loss for Kids and Teens

One of the largest challenges that any child can face is being overweight. Not only are overweight children more likely to be heavy adults, but they also face many emotional and physical side effects even as kids because of the extra weight. They may become withdrawn, suffer from low self-esteem, and avoid activities that they enjoy because they feel that they are too overweight to participate.

If your child or teenager is overweight and needs to lose weight, they can follow some of these easy-to-use diet and fitness tips. These will help them change their minds about healthy food and get moving in a fun, yet effective, way.

Diet Tips

No one wants to go on a “diet” and kids most certainly will balk at the idea of diet food. But healthy eating principles are more than just a fad diet or something that will last for a few weeks. Nutritious noshing should be an essential part of any child’s everyday life (as well as any adult!) and so kids need to apply principles to their everyday eating that can be turned into long-term habits. Some ways that kids can change how they eat and lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way include:

  • Cut back on junk food, but do not cut it out completely. Many kids struggle with feeling like they cannot eat the things that they really love because they are on a diet. If your teen or kid simply eats what they love in moderation, filling up on the good stuff and then having junk food as an occasional treat, they can lose weight and keep it off. As soon as a kid thinks that they can never have French fries or candy again, they will covet them even more. Moderation is the key with junk food.
  • Focus on eating at the table and not in front of the television. Kids should avoid eating in front of the television or the computer, because this is when they eat when they are not hungry and eat more than they need to. Try encouraging everyone in the family to eat meals and snacks at the kitchen table.
  • Avoid fast foods and make meals and snacks at home. Fast food can be dangerous to any healthy lifestyle. Children who eat meals and snacks at home as opposed to at fast food restaurants tend to be at healthier weights than those who exist solely on drive-through fare.
  • Build meals around fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals and are the perfect base for any meal or snack. Kids can lose weight simply from swapping French fries and candy for veggies and fruits.

Exercise Tips

No healthy life makeover for kids is complete without exercise. Some top tips for kids to follow to get in shape and stay healthy include:

  • Move for 20-30 minutes a day. Kids can walk their dog around the blog, go for a jog, shoot hoops in the front yard, jump rope or any other physical activity for 20-30 minutes per day. This can help them to get active and burn calories while doing something that is enjoyable.
  • Take up a new sport. Sports are one of the best ways for kids and teens to lose weight because they are fun and they foster a sense of connection with other kids. Look for neighborhood baseball or soccer leagues, sports at school that are “no cut” sports (like track and cross country) or even sports leagues at your local gym or church.
  • Play video games that are active. Many new video games combine video game play with exercise, such as Wii games. Kids can play these for a half an hour or so after school and get the necessary activity they need to be healthy.

Teenagers and children can also find out more healthy eating tips and exercise tactics when they attend fitness camps. These summer weight loss camps can help them to foster healthful eating habits, learn new exercises and make new friends all at the same time. They can help to teach kids methods for weight loss that they can use for the rest of their lives. They may also help kids who were suffering from low self-worth to get out of their shells and meet new people.

Kids and teenagers do not have to spend the rest of their lives overweight, as long as they adopt healthful eating habits and make exercise a part of their daily lives.

New Cars 2 Movie Toys for Christmas – Top 5 Kid’s Favorites

Propelled by the release of their new movie, Cars 2 toys have raced to the finish-line of most “Top Toys for Boys” Christmas lists for 2011, and toy sellers are offering hundreds of different toys, but they can’t all be winners. Here are the 5 top-pick categories that have been the hottest selling and most asked for by Cars 2 kids in the U.S.

Favorite Cars 2 Movie Characters

Beating the competition by a car-length, Ol’ Mater wins the most-wanted Cars 2 character, kids love his personality, and the range of Ol’ Mater toys goes from beat-up jalopy to souped-up tow truck. Second place is held by Lightning McQueen, the sleek and fast race car with an attitude that kids love to mimic. Finishing as the third most favorite character, but only by a bumper, is Finn McMissle, a suave gadget loaded James Bond-type who saves the day more than once.

Die-Cast Cars and Trucks – The Top Cars 2 Toy Category

Die-cast car and truck toys are by far the most popular Cars 2 toys among all but the youngest kids. The standard 1:55 scale is the most popular, with the Mack Hauler Carry case being the ultimate Christmas gift for a Cars 2 kid, but some of the larger 1:24 scale toys are top-picks also.

Movie DVD and Video Game – The #2 Cars 2 Top Toy Category

If they don’t already have it, the Cars 2 movie DVD is a safe and obvious choice, the kids love watching it over and over. Video games are another part of this top category, from Cars 2 learning games on the LeapFrog Leapster, to movie-quality graphics on the Wii or Xbox games, gaming kids want these the most.

Sounds & Lights Vehicles – The #3 Cars 2 Top Toy Category

Lights! Action! Roll it! These larger, (1:24 scale), Cars 2 vehicles are the perfect choice for the 5 – 8 year-old kids. Not only are they big enough to be a play-alone rolling toy, but they also do stuff. Lights flash, they have sound effects, and the Finn McMissle car even has James Bond-type gadgets. These are toys that will keep them occupied with their own imagined Cars 2 world.

Cars 2 Track Sets – The #4 Cars 2 Top Toy Category

Cars 2 track sets are available for every age group – from the Fisher-Price Shake-n-Go track for preschoolers or the Tokyo Spin-out track for the 1:55 die-cast cars, to super-fast slot-car tracks for older racers. The top-selling sets for the category are the 1:55 die-cast car tracks. Cars 2 has licensed several track themes, like the mentioned Tokyo Spin-out, but there are others available to make your Christmas gift selection easier.

Cars 2 LEGO Sets – The #5 Cars 2 Top Toy Category

Cars 2 LEGO sets actually rank along with the #1 top picks if the kid on your Christmas list is a LEGO kid. They only round out the top 5 Cars 2 top toy categories because their small pieces are not suitable for younger kids. Older kids, especially LEGO kids, put Cars 2 LEGO sets right at the top of their must-have list for Christmas

So Many Cars 2 Toy Choices…

The selection of Cars 2 toys and gifts is enormous. It’s not just the types of toys in the top categories above, but also room d├ęcor, accessories, lighting, and bedding items, and school stuff, like; backpacks and lunch boxes, pencil toppers and note books, and on and on and…

To make your Cars 2 gift selection easier, and save money too – check out these top-rated must-have Cars 2 Toys, complete with pictures, details, customer reviews, and direct links to some of the lowest prices available online at: Cars 2 – Top Toys .

Fun Spread by Video Games For Kids

The advancement in the field of gaming consoles has really changed that way kids can have fun and learn at the same time, while sitting inside their homes. You will be surprised to know that the gaming consoles are not only popular among kids, but adults are also in love with playing video games. Kids have some special kind of attachment with playing games. You will see countless video-games for kids in the markets and they are also available over internet. First you have to buy a game console for your kids. You will get to select from a wide range. If you want to get your kids the best one, then nothing can be better than the game console of Nintendo.

Kids love Nintendo games. There are so many options available in the form of video games, that your kids can go crazy while shopping them. All you have to do is to help your kids and select appropriate games for them. The best way is to red kids’ video- games reviews over internet. In this way, you will come to know about famous and most loved games. Never let your kids play adult video games. Read the ratings, which are mentioned at the backside of the video -game cover and then pick one for your child.

If your tiny tot is too small to play difficult games, then you should buy him/her games for preschoolers. Your kid will love playing those cute and colorful games. He will not only spend good quality time, but will also get to learn a lot from the game. Along with Nintendo games for kids, the demand for PSP games has also been increasing, by each passing day. You will see that kids want each and every game for themselves, as it is so much fun playing different types of games. Kids are in love with those games, in which they get to play with their favorite characters and if you talk about the hot favorite video games series, then you will find Super Mario Bros at the top of the list.

The characters of this series have taken place in the hearts of kids. They are quite adorable, for which kids are always inclined towards playing Mario Bros. Basically, the video -games have been successful in attracting and grabbing the attention of millions of kids, as there can be no other way, which can provide your kids with fun and learning, both at the same time.