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Tips on Choosing Games for Kids to Play Online

Children love to play games online and this is an activity that most kids will want to enjoy at one point of their lives. Keeping online gaming safe for them is a parent’s job and that means some control and conditions are necessary to protect them from unnecessary harm and danger present.

Know the risks of online gaming
Kids do not know the difference between secure and non secure sites. Do not let them download any file unless you tell them to do so. As you know, if they kids download games online from a less reputable site, other programs might be bundled such as adware, spam, and malicious software that could endanger computer security. If the kid wants to play multiplayer games, be aware that there might be some bullies that could take advantage of the child’s novice status on the game. Of course, do not let kids go to sites that you have not allowed them to visit. Especially with games that allow them to chat, strangers could act as kids and it could be a scam or persuade them to have a meet up.

Choose games together
Spend some time with the kids in choosing the games for kids to play online. However, do not be over controlling. Let them know first the limitations that they have, how many games they can download and when they could make a download again. Be sure that they already finished one game before you decide on another game. This will help them in becoming responsible and not just being impulsive with their choices. Stick to reputable sites and see the rating for the game. Choose games with an E rating or fit for everybody.

Teach them safe gaming practices
Always tell your kids never to share personal online information. Never spill the password and their personal details such as address and name. Just use the online user name. This is to protect the child’s privacy. Also, for younger players, they should have a set period only to play. Safe gaming means that they already did their obligations in school before playing games for a couple of hours. This is because if you let them play first, they will have a hard time stopping for other things like studying. Safe gaming is also being responsible with their schedules.

Protect your computer
Set up a firewall and anti malware or spyware program. Use a data encryption system to protect the information such as passwords so that the kids will not be able to delete them easily. Adjust the browser settings and block sites that you think are harmful and unreliable. You can also set limits to how long the child can play. Some computers can lock after a certain time. It would be best if you tell your kids about these rules so that they know their limitations and responsibilities.

Keep Your Child Occupied and Happy While They Stimulate Their Minds With Kids Games

Does your child get bored easily? Do you need to keep them occupied on long car trips? Why not visit your local toy store and purchase some kids games? Games are a great way to keep kids preoccupied when there is nothing for them to do, like on long car trips when kids can get agitated from being in a confined space for too long.

There are all sorts of kids games one can purchase, travel games, board games, book games, and electronic games just to name some. Electronic games and travel games are great for kids when on a long car trip. They can sit in the back seat and keep their minds occupied and not have to pay attention to how long they will be in the car, this can be very agitating to a child. If the child is old enough to play electronic games just make sure you bring extra batteries along with you, more than likely you will need them!

Other types of kids games are board games. Kid’s board games have been around forever and are good to use on family fun nights where the whole family can get together and play a board game. They are also handy on rainy days when kids cannot go out and play. We all know that when kids are cooped up in a house on a rainy day with nothing to do it can lead to a very long day! Electronic video games are another good way to keep kids busy on those days when they are stuck in the house, although they are quite a bit more expensive than board games. If you are going to purchase video games for your child depending on their age you would want to purchase some video games that stimulate their minds and teach them because there are way too many violent video games on the market that really teach the wrong thing to young children.

Book games are an excellent type of kids games; they are not only fun but educational too. For young children there are book games that teach reading, spelling, math and all sorts of other good things that will stimulate a youngsters mind while teaching them in their preschool and elementary school years. They will also help boost your child’s grades, which is not a bad thing at all. There are also great book games for young adults too. A good one are the role-playing books that you’re young adults can play with family and friends where everyone is a medieval character and they are on a quest to complete a certain goal. These types of books not only stimulate the mind but also inspire strategy and thinking.

There are also kids games that kids can play that cost nothing at all! Games like hide and go seek, this is a game that all children love to play! It not only gives children a chance to interact with other children but it gives them exercise too! The good thing about this type of game it gives the child a chance to blow off steam and burn energy, this way when it’s time for bed at night they are so tired that they go right to sleep without a fight!

Fun Activity Ideas for a Winter Birthday Bash for Kids

Birthday parties are fun for all, especially kids as they enjoy exciting and engaging activities and are most excited about receiving goodie bags at the end of the event! While it may be all play and no work for the guests, planning, organizing and implementing a flawless birthday party can be quite a lot of work for the parents (the hosts).

While it may be easier to have an outdoor party during spring, summer and fall, it can be quite a task to have on indoors during winter. Children love to be outdoors in the backyard and there’s no stopping them from jumping and running around. Here are some amazing winter birthday bash ideas for parents who get all frantic while planning a party. If the parents’ description fits you, then read on!

1. Hide and seek – One the most famous and well liked games amongst kids, is hide and seek. Instead of having a person hit the base, you can have the person hit the other one with a snowball. This adds more fun, as you’re outdoors and using the snowball as part of your game. Kids will love this for sure!

2. Snow man challenge- Gather kids in groups of 3 or 4, and give them a challenge to build a snowman. The group that succeeds in building a snowman with basic features, such as eyes, nose mouth and hands, wins the challenge and gets a prize. You can have small multiple giveaways for this challenge like chocolates, candies, or stationery.

3. Inflatables – Kids absolutely love inflatables. They enjoy climbing, jumping, and sliding on inflatables. You can have this placed indoors, or have your backyard covered first with a thick tent and place the inflatable there. You can opt for bounce house rentals, dry slide rentals or obstacle courses that are fun for kids of all ages.

4. Craft games – Arrange crafts like papers, markers, paints, crayons, and other child-safe crafts for kids and get them engaged in an activity. You can ask them to make a funny thing and then the one who makes the best can get an extra goodie bag or prize.

5. Scavenger Hunt – Freeze ice cubes with different food colorings. Hide them in your yard and then let the kids hunt for them. You can have groups according to color; such as red, green and purple ice cubes. 3 groups of children look for the color they are assigned. Give them a basket to collect the colored ice cubes. The group that collects all the ice cubes of their assigned color wins the challenge.

These are some crazy fun activities you can have for your kids’ birthday bash in winter. So, the next time someone tells you that you can’t have an outdoor birthday in winter, show them you can!