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Games for Kids

Parents have always turned to games for kids in order to stimulate the development of their kids’ brains. The brain of a kid can be likened to a sponge, which is why it is imperative for kids to keep their mind busy through various games. Kids’ games could be those that are played indoors or outdoors. These games could give the brain the workout that it needs. You must remember that a poor brain could be avoided if it is always stimulated. And, through educational games for kids, the brain would always benefit.

If you have already reached the point that you could no longer think of what game will be perfect for your kid, then you could visit various toy stores like Toys R Us where you would be able to find a lot of educational games for kids. There are board games that could have kids analyzing and thinking. Try not to choose those toys that will not be able to maximize the usage of the brain. Some of the toys that command a price yet do not promote interactivity are robots and dolls. Kids could, at most, only imagine that these toys are moving, but this activity would not require a lot of brain neurons to run. So opting for board games will always be better. In fact, you could find lots of kids’ miscellaneous games at this particular toy store.

Indeed, when it comes to the best games for kids, nothing could beat educational games. These are really the one that could stimulate analysis and learning. One popular game is Snakes and Ladders. This helps in developing mathematics skills of children and also teaches them the value of perseverance. For kids who want to learn the basics of money, Monopoly is one good game to introduce. Word Factory and Scrabble could further enhance the skills of children who have already learned how to spell and read. If you want a game that could really have the brain neurons running in lightning speed, then Chess will be a good choice. These educational games for kids could all be found in Toys R Us, as well as many other toy stores.

One more kids’ miscellaneous game worth considering is playing catch. This is a very simple outdoor game that could actually help in stimulating the frontal lobe of the brain or the cerebrum. This part controls motor skills. Proper stimulation of the cerebrum could make kids more accurate and precise in their movements. Hand and feet coordination will also improve.

And, if your kid finds sports activities fun and exciting, you could always let him join sports activities. Remember that athletes use their brains a lot. Victory is not achieved by simply using the body but the brain plays an important role in winning a game of sports. Hence, any chance to improve your kids’ brains should be grabbed. You can find the sports equipment you need from Toys R Us and also from sporting goods stores. The moment that you are able to introduce these educational games for kids, you will definitely notice the positive improvement in your kids.

Gifts To Get Your Kids Moving!

Get your kids moving this holiday season with fun toys and games they will be excited to unwrap… and can’t wait to play!

I found several gift ideas that promote fitness in children – some of them in new ways; others just new twists on traditional exercise. The bonus is they can all be played indoors so bad weather won’t be an excuse.

*Hoops to Go, from Back to Basics Toys – A basketball hoop ready to travel to Grandma’s house or wherever you want to take it. Just hang it on the back of a door and you’re set. The game features electronic sounds and a suspended ball return. It comes with two basketballs and folds up in an attached carry bag. (Ages 5+)

*Off-the-Couch Interactive Games, also from Back to Basics Toys – Features 3 interactive sports games. Kids can swing a plastic baseball bat against a pitcher, use a mini tennis racquet to play different opponents, and put on some gloves to trade punches with a boxing champ. The game console plugs into a television and Infrared wireless technology lets the players see all the action on the TV screen. (Ages 5+)

*Kids Gym Treadmill – A mini treadmill designed just for children. The handle bars are covered with foam so it’s easy for kids to hold onto them. The treadmill comes with a meter that measures your little one’s speed, time and distance. (Ages 4-7)

*Cranium Hullabaloo – It’s kind of like Twister meets Simon Says. The game comes with pads that are different shapes and colors with pictures and words on them. A “Hullabaloo” voice tells you what to do, like touch your nose to a circle, hop to a square shape, or put your elbow on a musical instrument – lots of jumping and dancing for all. (Ages 4-10)

*Twister Dance DVD – The classic version of Twister ties you up in knots… the new one really gets you moving. The game adds video dance instruction that encourages kids to learn cool moves to perform on one of four dance mats. Just pop the game into a DVD player and animated characters teach you how to boogie to the beat during 40 dance sessions. (Ages 8-12)

*Fisher Price Smart Cycle – A combination of a stationary bike and an educational arcade game system. Kids pedal and steer to visit places like Math Mountain, Shape Lake, and Letter Creek. The game is designed to teach upper & lowercase letters, number & counting, spelling, and more. It plugs right into your TV and kids have to keep pedaling to keep the games going. (Ages 3-6)

*Dance Dance Revolution – Still popular, this game prompts you to follow directions as you move your feet and dance to hit songs. It is available for most video game consoles, home computers, and as a stand alone that plugs directly into the TV. (Ages 5-99)!!

These toys and games may all come with age recommendations for kids, but I noticed a few that seem like a lot of fun for those of us still kids at heart.

And speaking of ageless, there are also plenty of “classic” exercise gifts like jump ropes, pogo sticks, and my all-time favorite – hoola hoops – you can give your kids this year to get them moving and enjoying it.

Transformer Games For Kids

Now you all must have enjoyed the Michael Bay movie Transformers right? And it’s the favorite of all you kids out there. So you can have more of it with the transformer games available online! With the gaining popularity of online gaming, kids for sure can avail such popular and free games, which are created out of movie series frenzy.

Like you all know, Transformers (film) has got all the robots fighting for victory against Deception, all the flashy Autobots, are scientifically enable to charge up what not. So all that spark, all those robots, all the action can be in your hands now, your operation, your strategies, and feel-good-factor for all you kids.

Gaming spree

Now online games and gaming series for infamous characters, plots, action, strategies, sports, make-your-move games are all available in plenty for download. You can get hold of them online, or can even get the game CDs that ensure the series and sequence.

As the series goes, where Autobots fight against Deception, they invade earth. And as you play, the control remains yours and you get to play to decide who wins! Though transformer games aren’t really famous, but the film is for which there are action packed games available in series on the internet, and also on official gaming sites. Kids can go for free trials, and even download the games.

Toys for kids

Well, to try the transformer games out, you can very well, find transformer gaming images on Google, and also get access to many videos for free. If you are already familiar with the characters, and BumbleBee or Optimus Prime is your favorite, then play with the transformers.

Transformers toys have been launched and consist of an amazing set of actually transforming robots, which can change into anything, truck, sports car, music system, and robot. If this sounds good then there is more to it.

These toys function with a remote control which can actually transform into a car and run for 30 minutes (approx) and also comes with a 9volt battery required for charging for 4 hours.

Transformers Robots

Transformers robots in disguise, as you have heard is the English dubbed version (2000) taken from the Japanese series- Transformers: car robots. You can get hold of the episodes online, and this series as you know has been quite famous in the recent times.

The characters included Omega Prime, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and all had an American and a Japanese dubbed version, whichever way you want to relate to, it is by far a fascinating sci-fi series to acquire in your gaming or series collection. Transformers series is an all cool gaming for kids, where different action pack episodes will keep you at the edge of the game.

Talking of gaming, you can always know about free trials and downloads, available in special transformers gaming sites and also purchase outlets. Transformer games can easily add up to your action gaming folder, just have access, and never be off the remote!