How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Own Room

Lots of parents hesitate buying their kids the toys and the stuff they want because they’re thinking of the mess that it is going to make. All the toys and junk end up on the bedroom floor. Now comes the age old battle of parents and kids and the argument of who’s going to clean up the mess. The yelling as well as the crying won’t stop unless someone yields. There are ways on how to make your kids clean their own room without resorting to an all out war:

First step is to try to turn it into a game.
Rather than relaying the instructions in the form of a command, turn it into a game. Kids are gravitated towards the challenges presented by a game. Playing and having fun are what’s important to kids. You can appeal to their better nature by transforming the mundane task of picking up their mess in a form of a game. You can take the extra step by giving out a reward in the end. This will make them work extra hard without them feeling the boring effort of tidying up their room.

Sing or put your commands into a rhyme.
Rather than ordering your kids around like a tyrant, they respond better if you do it with a smile and a little rhyme. Make it a light-hearted song and the rhythm will make them accept your commands more easily. Make up your own catchy tune and try to have your kids sing along too.

Count the toys.
For most kids counting is a bragging right. Give them an initial goal of counting 10 toys and putting them where they should be. Give them a reward for getting it right.

Turn it into a competition.
Nothing gets kids all fired up than a nice healthy competition. Time your kids in cleaning up their room and challenge them into beating that record. It’s better if there is a record present in the room, like a blackboard or a note in the fridge door. The physical manifestation of their achievements will be an added boost that will encourage them to beat their own records more.

Make cleaning up easy.
Put up colorful plastic bins for them to put their toys in. You can also coordinate this into a game. Put labels on the plastic bins. You will not only teach your kids how to classify objects, you will also make the whole ordeal of cleaning a lot easier and more enjoyable for them. If your kids don’t know how to read yet, you can put pictures on the plastic bins.