5 Cool Halloween Party Games For Kids

Every Halloween party needs Halloween party games. A couple games are usually enough to keep your guests entertained. If you overdo it and have too many games planned you may actually harm the flow of your party.

Games should be age appropriate. You should consider the group you are working with. If you are having a child’s party your Halloween party games are going to be fairly short so you will need a few more to keep the attention of your young guests.

1. Some fun games for children’s parties can include a hay maze to get the kids lost in. A few treats along the way to be found like prizes are always a big hit. Your maze can be made with bales of hay or you can have a cornfield maze. Whatever way you plan the maze it is usually a hit with kids.

2. Scavenger hunting is another great Halloween party game. Kids love these, and so do adults. You can start off with one clue and have your group seek the next clue or you can give them multiple clues at once and really blow their minds.

3. Mummies are fun at Halloween parties. A fun Halloween party game can include making a mummy with toilet paper or gauze. You can have a contest to see which team can make their member into a mummy faster.

4. Passing the pumpkin under your chin is another fun game. You do not want to use full size pumpkins. In fact, you may want to use an apple instead of a pumpkin. Get your group in a line and everyone clasps their hands behind their own back. The fruit is passed under the chin of the members of the group in a line and hands cannot touch the fruit. The first team to get their pumpkin to the end of the line wins. Of course, if you drop the pumpkin you have to start over.

5. Build a scarecrow, pin the art on the witch, guess the ghost, and bobbing for apples are al fun games to keep your group entertained. Traditional Halloween party games can include pumpkin carving. You can have a contest. This is always a good way to get creative with your party. You can give prizes for many different categories.

Whatever party ideas you have let your imagination go wild and modify the game to fit your group. Halloween is a day to be creative and let your hair down. Enjoy it while you can.

Top Dress Up Games

It’s a fact that kids love computer games. Not only kids, but even youngsters and elders love playing them; there are different games for every age group. It is very easy to find any kind of game you need because there are millions available to choose from. Action, adventure, puzzle, magic, sports, science, thrill, horror, and vampires are a few game categories that are available. Teenagers love playing computer games, and this is the reason that more than fifty percent of games are developed specifically for teenagers.

Some of the most liked game categories are: action, adventure, thrill, puzzle, suspense, sports, fighting, racing, shooting, and simulation.

So there are lots of different options available for kids and teenagers when it comes to computer games. Similarly, there are different categories for each age group, and importantly, each age group has a different set of games than others.

Girls usually like playing games that are simple, fun, and are somehow related to them. For instance, they play dress-up, cooking, makeup, and the like.

In a dress up game, kids need to change the outfit of different characters (like Barbie, fairies, cartoons and others). Developers and programmers use different characters in these games; for instance, Barbie dolls, celebrities, fairies, vampires, monsters, dolls, and many others. It is a simple and very entertaining category.

In a Monster High dress up game, players have to change the clothes, makeup, hair style, lips, jewelry, shoes, and purse of a monster. In each stage, they try to make it look different and unique. It is a very unique category where developers have tried an altogether different character (a monster) instead of common characters (like Barbie, fairies, princesses, and others).

A Barbie dress up game is best for small girls under nine or even those who are older. In this category, the player is required to revamp the Barbie doll. According to research, most girls below nine love Barbie dolls, and this is the reason that it is one of the most famous categories among girls.

Besides Barbie dolls, there are many other famous characters that are usually used in these games. Winx Club characters are pretty popular. Various celebrities and dolls are also used extensively. In fact, there are many different options available for your girl within the dress up games to choose from, so let your girl explore a new world of games. Internet has lots of free games for you; in fact, internet is the biggest source of entertainment for people of all ages.

Playing With Your Kids: On Improving Their Motor Coordination

There are some cases where kids have a hard time coordinating their eyes with the rest of the body. At these times, they probably are experiencing some motor skill issues thus letting them exert a lot of effort to perform even simple actions like catching a ball. Most kids may be able to do such without even thinking but it can cause strain to muscles as well as their memory.

Let us take playing dodge ball as an example. A child needs to coordinate some actions all at once in order to throw the ball right onto his target. Accuracy is needed here. There is also a need to speculate the speed of the target as well as where the ball should be thrown to hit the target. This is done by kids in a few seconds so it can be very frustrating for kids who lack motor skills. This is also true with playing bean bag toss as well as corn toss game. Kids may be able to judge each other’s capabilities through their motor skills. Unfortunately, some kids who lack this are often looked upon less than others.

Some kids may be able to have great motor skills and seem to have wings on their feet. Yet, a kid will still be able to improve their motor skills with some activities parents can play with them. Here are some.

One of the most common activities for improving motor skills is walking on the line. This is inexpensive and yet an effective way to improve your kid’s motor coordination. All you need to do is to form an arc on the floor using any kind of tape. It should be long enough for your kid to be able to execute at least 30 steps. After which, you should instruct your kid to follow the line by walking along it forward, sideways and even backward. This should be done though in moderation. After some time, you can let your kid carry things for balance such as a tray with glass full of water. Music can also be played to make the activity more exciting.

To help increase a kid’s accuracy, you can do this activity. Instruct your kid to kick a ball into a certain holed area. You can have another family member be a target by letting him spread his feet apart so that a goal is made. Let your kid practice the activity on a routine basis. Have the distance change after some time to successfully increase your kid’s accuracy. In order for the kid to be more interested in the activity, allot some prize when he successfully executes it.

The activities mentioned above will help a lot in increasing your kid’s motor skills. This is not the only benefit both parents and the kids can get. It can also be a form of bonding with one another. By showing your support to your kids, they become more determined to do the activity, thus strengthening your relationship with each other.